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Platforms come in all shapes, sizes and complexity across web, social and mobile. From hubs for marketing activity through to destinations that increase revenue, acquire new customers and drive loyalty. We are experts at formulating and implementing strategy, architecture, design and development for platforms that truly deliver against business objectives.

Examples? Websites, mobile, e-shops, landing pages, apps, social.


The digital and analog worlds have collided, leading to exciting new ways for people to interact with business and brands in physical spaces. We knit together behavioral insight, design and technologies to create digitally enabled experiences across retail, pop-up, and event spaces.

Examples? Shops & stores, pop-ups, event locations, showrooms.


The evolution of digital communications has driven a fundamental shift in how brands can engage with people and develop long-term relationships through compelling content experiences. From immersive interactive video and music streaming through to useful editorial and social, we adopt a publishermindset to create culturally powerful content that audiences actually want to consume, share and participate in.

Examples? Video, music, entertainment, social, editorial


We establish metrics for content performance, audience engagement, brand awareness and lead generation/sales. The output will give you the necessary feedback to elevate the quality of your efforts.

Examples? Performance, engagement, awareness, quality, sales.


Mevr Courtmansstraat 41

2600 Berchem

+32 3 239 53 88


20, rue Cambon

75001 Paris

+32 495 571 110

Aubergine Digital is a member of the Inside Communication Group